A Home Office That Truly Works

Today our world has changed. Work-from-home is the new normal. At Eleven Altamont, we’re thinking ahead and offering flex designs to integrate efficient work spaces into the home. With futuristic features like smart home networking, Cat5 cabling and more, we’re bringing the 21st century office home. Hold Zoom meetings, consult with clients, fine tune your presentation, all in the safety, comfort and privacy of your home office.

Creative Ways to Optimize Your Living Space


Bring home the gym experience and work out in the safety and privacy of your home.


Create your home office fully wired and networked for Zoom meetings and lots more.


A fun learning environment for online studying and home schooling with a difference.


A dedicated arts and crafts area with screens and soft boards to let your ideas soar.


Have one-on-one sessions, brainstorm ideas, get solutions all in the comfort of home.


Create a professional business environment to consult with clients and associates.


Make online learning a pleasure with a dedicated space for studies and homework

Your Home is More Than Just a Place to Live


Innovative work-from-home spaces with enhanced wifi, networking and much more.


Intelligent storage spaces around the house to maximize use of every square inch.


Indoor and outdoor social spaces to bring together loved ones and make memories.


Make a bright and dedicated study nook where kids can have fun while they learn.


Low VOC paints, cleaner air and energy saving appliances for greener, healthier living.